Medium Dark Roast

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Know the Coffee

The Otter is a glorious blend of washed Arabica and natural and sun-dried Robusta. This coffee is also the best of origins because while the Arabica from Biligirirangan Hills brings nutty flavour notes and brightness, the Robusta from Wayanad adds much needed body. We are certain you will enjoy this complex coffee with baker's chocolate, dried berries and caramel flavour notes!

Know the Grower

The Arabica comes from our partner Farmer Producer Organisation in Biligirirangan Hills. You have heard of this lovely group of producers before! The full-bodied Robusta comes from our partner growers in Wayanad, Kerala.

Name Inspiration

Otters are ambassadors of freshwater ecosystems. Like us, they are social animals but are increasingly affected like poaching, pollution and sand mining. Their habitats are continuously being encroached and converted. Honestly, these are all very complex issues but we do what we can by safeguarding river stretches alongside coffee farms … in the hope that otters will hang out there very soon!

Coffee grind size guide
Origin BR Hills, Karnataka + Wayanad, Kerala
Altitude 1100MSL & 700MSL
Forest Type Moist Deciduous & Wet Evergreen
Process Washed & Naturals
Varietal SLN9 & Kent
Roast Medium Dark
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