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A blend of Arabica and Robusta that is versatile and full-flavoured.

Best Brewed with:

Aeropress Moka Pot Frenchpress v60

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The Ficus is one of our most enjoyable experiments till date! This coffee is a blend of washed Arabica and natural, sun-dried Robusta but and wait for it...the beans come from predominantly under the shade of Ficus trees! You will love the unmistakable dark chocolate and nutty flavour notes!


The beautiful Arabica in this coffee comes from our partner farmer producer organisation in the Biligirirangan Hills. The coffee grown by this FPO has always been organic and the FPO has even committed to cultivating coffee under the shade of indigenous forest trees. The Robusta comes from a most unique group - the Fair Trade Alliance of Kerala. This FPO is a powerhouse! Enough said!


Ficus or fig trees are a keystone species. Fruits of Ficus trees are consumed across the animal kingdom – especially birds. Hornbills, barbets, pigeons and bulbuls may entirely subsist on figs when these are plenty. Ficus trees have also profoundly influenced cultures across several religious traditions – Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism.

On coffee farms, Ficus trees are a centre point for our conservation efforts. We monitor their abundance, diversity, shade canopy and the wildlife species that depend on them.


IG: I’m wrapping my head around this one. As a pour over, its easy like the hills but in an Aeropress it becomes hard pressed, Rocky V-like.

KM: I like the Ficus in an Aeropress because its bark-like and spicy.

KN: This coffee gives me the chance to dust off all my brewing equipment because it literally tastes like a dream across brewing methods.

SK: It feels like somebody passed a nice note about in class.

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