AeroPress Kit

Portable, On Trend Coffee Maker

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Know the AeroPress

Without getting into the evolutionary history of the Aeropress, let's just say its come a long way from its 2004 BPA-filled prototype! We can only imagine that Alan Alder, the inventor of the longest flying disc, the Aerobie frisbee, was on the lookout for a coffee maker best suited to the outdoors! And voila! See how we stayed away from Aeropress politics? Never mentioned that Alder also designed nuclear reactors, military aircrafts, submarines and whatnot. See? See!

Why the Fuss?

Many reasons to fuss over the Aeropress but here's our very shameless number one: it (almost) never breaks, crowds love it and you can brew coffee anywhere! The Aeropress brews a rich, forgiving cup of coffee in the indoors and outdoors alike! You can stuff it in backpacks, chuck it into your climbing bag or balance it on your gypsy engine!

An Anarchist's Guide to AeroPress Coffee

(despite being too anarchistic for steps & suggestions)
(keep John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ at recall)

1. 14g per cup, medium ground (Try the Wanderoo, Frogmouth, Otter or Ficus)
2. Water off the boil, squiggle over grounds till wet
3. Stir grounds vigorously for at least 15 seconds (that’s the first four lines of ‘Imagine’)
4. Pour in hot water to the top (~ 200g of water but trust the process)
5. Stir vigorously while singing the next four lines
6. Wet paper/cloth filter with hot water to remove residual taste
7. Screw the top on with filter neatly placed inside
8. Hum / croon the next four lines
9. Flip around, place the screw top on a coffee mug and gently press down in a smooth, non-jerky motion
10. Tag us @blackbazacoffee if you’re on the road!

Coffee grind size guide
Origin Palo Alto, California
Altitude 9 MSL
Forest Type Mixed Vegetation
Process n/a
Varietal n/a
Roast Customisable
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