Black Baza Tote Bags

Canvas Hold-All Bags

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Know the Tote

We have been carrying around these tote bags *everywhere* to put them through the ultimate tests - can they hold 15' laptops and notebooks, swimming gear, AeroPress and coffee paraphernalia, 3 kilos of mangoes, 1 kilo of rice and toor dal...You get the point! This bag holds all of the above and with such delicious comfort! We deliberately designed this bag with strong, long handles to be able to carry weight.

All Tote Bag designs carry our signature emblem and logo on one side.

Know Canvas

These tote bags are made from canvas, we chose canvas over other alternative materials simply because canvas is so darn durable. Canvas is a plainly woven cotton fabric used to make boat sails, tents, shelters, shoes and backpacks. This fabric is not very breathable, so don't wear your tote bag! While canvas can be washed, we do not recommend washing this particular tote bag as the artwork will run. 

Coffee grind size guide
Origin Doddaballapur, Karnataka
Altitude 880MSL
Forest Type Concrete Jungle
Process Screenprint on Plain-Weave Canvas
Varietal n/a
Roast n/a
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