Specialty Arabica Bundle

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Why Arabica?

Arabicas are a sincere way of discovering the flavour of Indian coffees. When brewed correctly, each of the coffees in this bundle will taste distinctly different, each bringing a unique flavour profile to the cup. We recommend that you use brewing equipment for these coffees. 

Specialty Arabica Bundle

This bundle pulls together four of our delicious Arabica coffees for the ultimate school in flavours of Indain coffees!

The Frogmouth is a washed Arabica, Medium Roast from The Nilgiris, as a Medium Roast.

The Loris is a washed Arabica from BR Hills, as a Dark Roast.

The Wanderoo is a washed Arabica from BR Hills, as a Medium Roast.

The Jumping Ant is a washed Arabica from BR Hills, as a Light Roast.

Coffee grind size guide
Origin Karnataka, Tamil Nadu & Kerala
Altitude 800-1400MSL
Forest Type Mixed Vegetation
Process Washed
Varietal SLN9
Roast Light, Medium & Dark
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