Potter's Wasp

Light-Medium Roast

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Meet the Coffee

The Potter's Wasp is a Pulp Sun-Dried Arabica. To produce this coffee, Arabica coffee fruits are first carefully picked, segregated to remove low-density fruit, hand-pulped and then dried on raised beds to ensure better air circulation for even drying. Unlike a conventional Washed coffee, this post-harvest process results in sweeter and more complex flavour profiles. 

We roast this to a Light-Medium level to bring out the natural sweetness and citrus-acidity of this coffee. The result is a clean, sweet and crisp cup.

Flavour Notes: Orange, Honey with a Pecan after-taste.

Recommended Brewing: Pour Over & AeroPress 

Meet the Grower

The Potter's Wasp comes from 5 grower couples in BR Hills, Karnataka! Meet Bomamma-Jadegowda, Kethamma-Kethegowda, Basamma-Jadegowda, Veeramma-Chikkanna and Kethamma-Kollegowda. Their incredible effort has not only produced this delicious coffee but also paved the way for post-harvest fermentation amongst a community of producers who have largely stayed away from specialty coffee.

Meet Potter's Wasps

Potter's Wasps, the artisans of the insect world, sculpt exquisite mud homes with architectural finesse, creating miniature masterpieces that rival any human-made pottery. These winged architects are nature's 3-D printers, moulding saliva-soaked mud into meticulous cocoons for their young, and then stocking up their mud homes with food...in the form of paralysed caterpillars! We are inspired by Potter's Wasps to be more resourceful builders of both our homes and ecosystems.

Coffee grind size guide
Origin BR Hills, Karnataka
Altitude 1200MSL
Forest Type Moist Deciduous
Process Honey Process
Varietal Arabica SLN9
Roast Light-Medium
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