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Monthly Microlots

We do Microlots because Indian coffee is simply far too diverse and heterogenous to standardise flavour profiles from coffee beans, especially where the, geographical, sociocultural and ecological life histories of these coffees is so different. Since we work directly with so many smallholder producers, we end up with many beautiful but very small, experimental lots of coffee. Find them here!

Microlot 35 | Arabica, Cold Brew Blend

We’ve successfully formulated a cold brew blend that’s worthy competition for Otter and this one’s it! This is a fruity, refreshing, Arabica blend. We recommend you buy a bundle of Microlot 35 and Otter! Both work extremely well as cold brews. M35 being an Arabica-only blend and Otter - an incorporate of Arabica and Robusta beans, ensure you’re spoilt with two explicit and wonder-filled choices for the summer.

Every year is an opportunity for our partner producers to experiment with a new processing method. Every year, our technique gets better and this improvement ends up shining in the cup. This coffee is a blend of arabica from two producers, one of which we roasted to medium and the other dark. Both batches of beans come from BR Hills, Karnataka.

Also in the Cold Brew Bundle: Otter

This Bundle really brings together the best of our Cold Brews. While Otter carries a nutty, dark chocolate flavour, the Microlot 35 is light with sweet fruity notes. We recommend you try both side by side - to explore their flavours, and because we're discounting them as a pair :-)

Recommended Brewing: 

Cold brew. 1:10, 1 part of coffee with 10 parts of water. Steep your coffee for 16-18 hours if you're doing it at room temperature. 24 hours if you're steeping it inside a  refrigerator. Strain the concoction with a Black Baza cloth filter, and enjoy it with ice. 

Store cold brew in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. 

Coffee grind size guide
Origin BR Hills, Idukki & Wayanad
Altitude 800-1200MSL
Forest Type Semi-Evergreen & Evergreen
Process Washed & Naturals
Varietal Arabica SLN9
Roast Medium Dark Roast
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