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Know the Coffee

The Loris is a Dark Roast, washed Arabica of the Selection 9 varietal that has been carefully hand pulped to ensure that each bean is completely damage free. The result is a rich and bold cup of coffee with dark chocolate and caramel flavour notes and moderate acidity.

Know the Grower

This beautiful Arabica coffee comes from our partner farmer producer organisation in the Biligirirangan Hills, an incredibly lush deciduous forest on the confluence of the Western and Eastern Ghats. This 400 member strong FPO is dreaming big about the wellbeing of their community and we are equally committed to enabling them to find their way.

Name Inspiration

Loris, meaning clown refers to a small but enigmatic primate that is found across the Indian Subcontinent. While Lorises occur even within cities, they are nocturnal and shy and difficult to see! Like the Wanderoo, its coffee counterpart, Lorises spend the majority of their time in the tree canopy feeding on insects, leaves and shoots of plants. Lorises are also fairly social primates, sleeping in groups, play wrestling and grooming each other. Little is knows about the population and conservation status of Lorises but threats include loss of habitat, fatalities from electrocution on live wires, hunting and poaching. 

Coffee grind size guide
Origin BR Hills, Karnataka
Altitude 1200 MSL
Forest Type Moist Deciduous
Process Washed
Varietal SLN9
Roast Dark
See our laboratory tests for heavy metals and pesticide residues Know More