Galaxy Frog

Medium Roast

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Know the Coffee

The Galaxy Frog is an exciting blend of washed Arabicas (including Peaberries) from high grown regions of BR Hills in Karnataka and The Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu. The result is an interesting cup with flavour notes of Lemon zest, Green grapes and Molasses.

Know the Grower

We source the beans for this coffee from our partner producers and producer organisations in BR Hills and The Nilgiris. Our partner growers in BR Hills are small, marginal holders of coffee who follow regenerative practices that are way beyond conventional organic. Our partners in The Nilgiris are an award winning organisation, Aadhimalai Pazhangudiyinar Producer Company Limited, comprising of smallholder growers in the region. 

Name Inspiration

This coffee is an ode to the spectacular Galaxy Frog, one of the rarest amphibians found in India. This tiny frog, only about 2-3 cm in size is endemic to a small fragment of the Western Ghats and has even been considered extinct and rediscovered on numerous occasions. Very little is known of this species, although habitat loss from the conversion of forest to cultivation, including tea and coffee plantations has been identified as the major threat to its existence. Known for the infinite spots on its body that look like stars, the Galaxy Frog has captured our imagination!

Coffee grind size guide
Origin BR Hills & The Nilgiris
Altitude 1100-1400 MSL
Forest Type Moist Deciduous & Evergreen
Process Washed
Varietal SLN9
Roast Medium
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