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Our version of the Indian filter kaapi! A blend of Arabica and Robusta with 20% Chicory.

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This is our version of the traditional South Indian filter kaapi! A blend of Arabica and Robusta beans with 20% Chicory. Really well rounded and only a hint of chicory that is easily offset if brewed as filter coffee across with a dash of milk and jaggery or palm sugar. 


The components of this coffee have travelled far and wide across the country! As have most products but we don't get into the political economy of food here! The Arabica beans come from our partner farmer producer organisation in BR Hills. This was the first FPO that we began our work with and its been a rich and interesting journey for us both! The Robusta comes from South Kodagu from two different farms near Siddapur and Konankunte. The chicory comes all the way from Jamnagar, Gujarat and we haven't traced this supply chain down too much and it is also the only non-organic component to this coffee. 



The Malabar Whistling Thrush is locally known by the name of the whistling schoolboy because the whistling calls these birds make at dawn sound surprisingly human-like. They may sing long, elaborate songs at dawn but during the rest of the day, they utter sharp single or two-note whistles. They also take frequent water baths.


AUB: Look its filter coffee and all. Don’t drink it black.

KM: It’s actually kinda sweet and friendly like a school-going boy

SK: I’ve been drinking filter coffee since I was like FOUR and this is darn good! It brings back memories of my family screaming over each other over the crossword at the breakfast table.

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