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A natural, sun-dried Robusta with dark chocolate notes.

Best Brewed with:

Aeropress v60

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The Luna is a natural and sun-dried Robusta with strong dark chocolate flavour notes. This coffee is best enjoyed with milk and sugar and as a wake up call sort of morning brew!


This coffee comes from producers who are a part of the Fair Trade Alliance of Kerala. It is a certified Fair Trade coffee and cultivated via organic practices. Spiders and wasps replace chemical sprays as pest-control. Leaf litter from forest trees substitute chemical fertilizers. Butterflies and bees help pollinate coffee and maintain productivity in the absence of chemical inputs. A biodiversity-friendly farm like this is a playground for Luna moths. We hope to actively monitor Lunas to evaluate the impact of our efforts on such species.


The Luna or Indian Moon Moth is one of the largest moths in India, with a wingspan of up to 5 inches. Lunas are romantic busybodies at dusk, flying to and from each other with alacrity. They are also prolific silk producers, once common but now more endangered. Scientists believe that Lepidoptera (fancy word for moths and butterflies) are good indicators of the health of a forest. That’s why we grin with glee when we sight them in coffee farms! 


KM: This is STRONG. Needs a small accompaniment.

RM: If black, then I think the Pour Over works best. The Aeropress and French Press brews turn out too ‘robust’!

SK: Chocolatey stuff happening here!

IG: The flavour changes quite a bit depending on the brewing method. The French Press is leafy but the Pour Over is caramel custard and butter like!

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