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What is Dark Jaggery?

Dark Jaggery, is as its name suggests a dark golden coloured, unrefined jaggery powder made from organically grown sugarcane. This alternative to refined sugar, is not only heaps healthier but also super delicious. You will see when you open up the bag, that it has a natural texture very different from industrially processed sugars. You can use it everyday with your coffee (of course!), but also when making dessert. In our test kitchen, we've been using it to make a Dark Jaggery Caramel (recipe and caramel coming to our store soon!)

Storage: Store this jaggery in a container, avoid double dipping wet spoons as the jaggery may lose its powdery consistency but for the most part, this won't grow mould or spoil easily. 

Nutrition Facts:* (per 100g serving)

Protein: 0.47g | Carbohydrates: 95.45g | Sugars: 92.7g | Fats: <1g

*Please discount the label printed on the bag, we're repurposing coffee bags so as not to waste paper!

Know the Growers 

Our Dark Jaggery comes from the Nelamane collective of farmers in Mandya Taluk, Karnataka who are reviving traditional farming and processing techniques. Organically grown sugarcane is harvested every few months, the pressed juice is gently boiled and bubbled in large vats over fire till it reduces down to a powdery form. The entire process is super intensive and we couldn't be happier to champion their work and jaggery! 

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Origin Mandya, Karnataka
Altitude 680MSL
Forest Type Dry Scrub
Process Unrefined & Natural
Varietal n/a
Roast n/a
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