Chonky Ant Scoop

Holds 16-18g of coffee

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Know the Artist

This scoop was made in collaboration with the incredible Dirk from Worktree Studio who is a master craftsmen based in Auroville.

The Ant Scoop

This chonky ant on wooden spoon is a cute collectible and so helpful when you're travelling without your coffee paraphernalia. Made with Acacia auriculiformis, they’re a great addition to your coffee pantry and hold a wholesome 16 - 18g of coffee (depends on grind size, we request you weigh and test for the exact volume). So you're pretty sorted even if you're not carrying around your weighing scale! Unbreakable, toxin-free, and adorable.

These are handmade, each scoop is slightly different.

Coffee grind size guide
Origin WorkTree Studio
Altitude 50MSL
Forest Type Scrub
Process Handmade, Exquisite, Acacia auriculiformis
Varietal n/a
Roast n/a
See our laboratory tests for heavy metals and pesticide residues Know More