Ceramic Pour Over Sets

x Zarava

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Know the Artist

This is a product of collaboration with Zarava, a pottery and ceramic studio based out of Mysore, Karnataka. They handcraft and produce some exceptional tableware!

Know the Pour Over

This Pour Over set is dense, heavy and wholesome to hold. It truly complements the kind of brew that a pour over produces too - intentional, precise, mild and clean! Being slightly on the giant side of the spectrum, these mugs can be saved for mornings that demand a larger dose of coffee than usual.

This charmingly crafted ceramic set is sparsely populated with hand-painted ants. A pleasing addition to your kitchen and coffee counters, the white is sure to bring light and brightness into the space.

The Pour Over weights 500g and the mug 400g. They both hold 300 ml of liquid.

They are made such that the Hario V-60 paper filters will work but we strongly recommend that you use our handloom cloth filters. Better for the earth! Pour Over grinds range from Medium Fine, Medium to Medium Coarse. If you're using a cloth filter, your drip down time could be faster, so do try a shade finer than you usually would.

These are handmade, each pour over is slightly different.

Each Pour Over set comes with 2 of our special handloom cloth filters. 

Coffee grind size guide
Origin Mysore, Karnataka
Forest Type N/A
Process Handmade, Exquisite, Bespoke Ceramics
Varietal n/a
Roast Fired in a kiln!
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