Black Baza

Dark Roast

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Know the Coffee

The Black Baza is a washed and fermented Robusta that has spicy, peppery and smokey flavour notes. If you haven't tried a washed Robusta before, you will find the flavour distinctly earthy. Also a morning coffee, you can enjoy this with a dash of milk and jaggery or palm sugar. 

Know the Grower

Pallakere Estate was the first estate to partner with us and this was way back in 2011 even before we had formally thought of Black Baza Coffee. Pallakere is way ahead of its time and their sincerity continues to inspire us everyday! A small rivulet leads up from Pallakere to the River Cauvery. Coffee farming is so carefully done with minimum human disturbance and we know this because we have even seen a romp of the endemic small clawed otters in this rivulet!

Name Inspiration

The Black Baza is a small bird of prey found in the forests of South and Southeast Asia. Bazas are most commonly seen in dense forests perched high in the tree canopy. Sightings of Bazas in coffee farms would indicate our farms are forest-like…and that’s the dream!

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Origin South Kodagu, Karnataka
Altitude 800MSL
Forest Type Wet Evergreen
Process Washed & Fermented
Varietal Old Peradeniya
Roast Dark
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