Biligiri Black Pepper

Sun-Dried Black Pepper

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Know the Pepper

Biligiri Black Pepper is a spicy, fruity pepper from the the beautiful forests of BR Hills, Karnataka. This black pepper is vine-ripened, harvested by hand and never seen the nozzle of a chemical sprayer or fertiliser. Please note that we will not grind this pepper for you! It is best stored as whole pepper!

Know the Growers

For half a decade, our partner coffee growers have nudged us to venture into pepper. Across the Western Ghats, coffee is intercropped with pepper and most of our partner coffee producers depend almost as seriously on pepper for their source of livelihood. What can we say, we are slow and organic and it has taken us longer than it should have to do our very first lot of this incredible spice! This particular crop comes from BR Hills, and grows alongside our high altitude and shade-grown Arabicas (Wanderoo & Loris). 

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Origin BR Hills
Altitude 1200MSL
Forest Type Moist Deciduous & Evergreen
Process Vine-Ripened, Sun-Dried
Varietal Yet to be described!
Roast n/a
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