Attihally Cardamom

Sun-Dried, Whole Cardamom

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Know the Cardamom

Attihally Cardamom is a sweet, subtle and herbaceous true cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum) from our partner producer, Harsha's cardamom forest in Sakleshpur, Karnataka. This cardamom is organic, always has been and its distinctly cream-coloured pods come from the fact that it has not undergone a bicarbonate soak to "fix' its green colour. 

Know the Growers 

Our partnership with Harsha is unique, as we haven’t quite worked in a forest as dense and abundant with wildlife as this one. Our partnership strengthens Harsha’s ability to resist pressures to convert this forest to other types of land use - ironically coffee, which would be a more intensive form of cultivation. Our experiment therefore, is to find ways for Harsha to leave the forest trees standing. 

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Origin Sakleshpur, Karnataka
Altitude 1200MSL
Forest Type Evergreen
Process Sun-Dried & Unbleached
Varietal Elettaria cardamomum
Roast n/a
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