Microlot 28 | Whiskey Sub

Bourbon-Barrel Aged

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Monthly Microlots

We decided to do Microlots way back in 2018, before it was a "thing"! Our rationale was that Indian coffee is far too diverse and heterogenous to standardise a roast and call it a day! Also, when we work with smallholder producers, the 'lots' are all micro by default. In 2022, our Microlot calendar has been lit! Our partner producers have done very small lots of unique processing. We have aged and graced these coffees and all have found their way into monthly microlots!

Microlot 28 | Whiskey Sub

This Microlot is our boldest (call us crazy) yet. We aged our coffees in oaky Bourbon barrels for longer than we would like to admit. Let's just say longer than every other barrel-aged coffee that we have come across. This month, we are allowing you into our private experiment as an observer and participant - by giving you the privilege of selecting how boozy you want your brew to be!

You are welcome to submerge into a 100% bourbon brew, we recommend this as an iced drink (bourbon on the rocks?), not as coffee. Your coffee is likely to taste intensely of whiskey, submit

You are also welcome to try the aged coffee in a blend version with washed Arabica. This brew still retains the whiskey flavour but tastes less alcoholic!

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Origin The Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu
Altitude 1200MSL
Forest Type Semi-Evergreen
Process Washed & Aged
Varietal Arabica SLN9
Roast Medium Roast
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