Microlot 32 | Hand-Washed with Extended Fermentation

Hand-Washed & Extended Fermentation

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Monthly Microlots

We decided to do Microlots because Indian coffee is simply far too diverse and heterogenous to standardise flavour profiles from coffee beans, especially where the historical, geographical, sociocultural and ecological life histories of these coffees is so different. Since, we work directly with so many smallholder producers, we end up with beautiful but very small, experimental lots of coffee. Find them here!

Microlot 32 | Hand-Washed with Extended Fermentation

Every year is an opportunity for our partner producers to experiment with a new processing method. Every year, our technique gets better and this improvement ends up shining in the cup. The extended fermentation is one of those processing methods that we have tried before but never quite achieved the kind of flavour profile we wanted.

This year comes close. This particular Microlot comes from the a collective of over 1600 small-holder producers in The Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, with whom we have been sourcing part of their coffee for about four years now.

Flavour Notes: Apricot, Honey, Nuts

Recommended Brewing: V60

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Origin The Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu
Altitude 1600 MSL
Forest Type Moist Deciduous
Process Washed & Extended Fermentation
Varietal Arabica SLN9
Roast Light Roast
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