Microlot 29 | 'Farm in a Cup'

'Farm in a Cup'

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Monthly Microlots

We decided to do Microlots way back in 2018, before it was a "thing"! Our rationale was that Indian coffee is far too diverse and heterogenous to standardise a roast and call it a day! Also, when we work with smallholder producers, the 'lots' are all micro by default. In 2022, our Microlot calendar has been lit! Our partner producers have done very small lots of unique processing. We have aged and graced these coffees and all have found their way into monthly microlots!

Microlot 29 | Farm in a Cup

It is well known that coffee is intercropped with an amazing diversity of flora, from forest tree species to fruiting trees to plants that yield some of the most delicious spices! It was only logical for us to attempt to showcase the diversity of a coffee farm in a single cup! We worked for many long months with our producer partners from Kerala to create the most comforting spice-blended coffee we’ve ever come across. Best enjoyed with milk + jaggery. Yum!

We recommend this coffee with milk/mylk - both hot and iced versions are delicious in their own way. Our top tip is to brew a stronger ratio of coffee: water but follow through with the bypass brewing method where you dilute the brew to your preferred taste. As spices are spicy, this method allows you to find your sweet spot! 

Recommended brewing: Moka Pot, Pour Over, AeroPress, Chemex, Siphon, Indian Filter & Drip. 

Caution is advised if you are using the French Press as we don't have a Coarse grind and certain spices (like Nutmeg and Clove) can make the brew very pungent! Quicken the brewing time and don't press down too hard!

Available in the following grinds: Fine, Medium Fine, Medium, Medium Coarse

250g only

Coffee grind size guide
Origin The Nilgiris & Wayanad
Altitude 800-1200MSL
Forest Type Semi-Evergreen & Evergreen
Process Washed & Aged
Varietal Arabica SLN9
Roast Medium Roast
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