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x Ms Reeta & Dastkar Andhra

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Why Handloom, not Paper!

These khadi cloth bags make stunning gift wraps for coffee. Made from handloom cotton and in natural dye, you can reuse these bags to carry your coffee when you are travelling or just about for any other purpose! We sometimes carry computer tidbits like charging cables! Gift yourself, friends or loved ones coffee and we will gift wrap it for you for an extra special treat! 

Fabrics of Resilience

These handloom khadi gift wraps celebrate local community and resilience in a time of crisis. The fabric that makes up these wraps comes from the award winning organisation, Malkha who have been working to revive handloom in Telengana and Andhra Pradesh for many decades. The stitching of the gift wraps is done by the parents of the children who are a part of an also award winning organisation, Parikrma Humanity Foundation in Bangalore. Many parents are small-scale tailors who have faced significant hardships as a result of the recent pandemic. 

Coffee grind size guide
Origin Ms Reeta, Bangalore, Karnataka & Dastkar Andhra, Telangana
Altitude 550-800MSl
Forest Type Concrete Jungle
Process Natural Dye, Handwoven & Handstitched on a Singer
Varietal n/a
Roast n/a
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