Microlot of the month



FEBRUARY MICROLOT – Neralu Noorembathu

As the elephant bean (our last microlot) ripened, was harvested, roasted and drunk down drunk by all of you lovely folk, a new season’s fruit came alive. We walked inside, through and between each farm and counted every single tree – 29, 637. The more tricky task was to identify these tree species (new microlot coming soon!) and the methodology and data for this activity was designed and collected by our group of producers. Their traditional knowledge far exceeds most botanical field guides…plus who’s going to have the patience to flip through a densely written book when you have 15 leeches hanging off your arms and legs. Long story, short – this microlot emerged from this experience!

Neralu Noorembathu is ‘the shade of 180’.

Turns out that 180 is the average number of trees on each of our partner farms. That’s a lot! Given that we started off saying that we felt 100 trees per acre is what might be good for the ecological health of the farm and forest. We’ve exceeded our expectations. We should totally clarify that by ‘trees’, we mean shade trees (regular trees you might find in the forest) that stand tall above coffee bushes.

Tree salutations!

The Coffee

  • Origin: Yerakannagaddepodu, BR Hills
  • Elevation: 1100 mts
  • Washed Arabica (Cauvery varietal), hand pulped with minimum water use
  • Grade A, hulled in Salem
  • Small batch roasts
  • Medium Roast (removed at first crack)
  • Grind as requested by you
  • Packaged in biodegradable bags (the paper comes from sugarcane waste, the plastic will decompose in 2 years tops)
  • Best brewed as: (to come, give us an hour to re-cup and write!)

Rs 320/250g